Growing up in Texas, Milam Raemsch spent most of his childhood outdoors. He grew up going to the beach, camping, hunting, fishing and hiking.  He first started hunting and fishing when he was five years old and they continue to be two of his favorite hobbies. Anytime Milam has a break from school he enjoys going hunting with his family and friends in Texas.


While in Texas, Milam attended Texas State University in San Marcos where he studied general biology. The school was founded in 1899 and officially opened its doors in 1903 to just over 300 students. The university was originally a school intended to train students to be teachers. Today, Texas State University educates around 34,000 students and has fifty different schools along with an enormous campus. At Texas State University, Milam enjoyed watching the Bobcats on the football field and attending games with friends.

Since graduating from Texas State University, Milam Raemsch began attending Podiatry school at Barry University in Miami.  Living in Miami allows Milam opportunities to fish and kayak in Dania Beach, Fl in the Atlantic Ocean and in Biscayne Bay in Miami. Milam has been kayaking for the last four years. Besides fishing around Miami in South Florida, he has fished in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Canada, Colorado, South Dakota, Minnesota, New Mexico, Texas and Florida. Particularly in Texas, Milam goes inshore and offshore fishing on the coast and fishes for catfish in the Colorado River. From his time being a member of the Wildlife Association in Texas, Milam also enjoys gardening and planting trees. His favorite tree is the cedar elm.

Apart from his outdoor hobbies, Milam Raemsch became interested in small engine repair through his dad.  Milam’s dad is skilled in engine repair and has passed on his knowledge to his son, Milam.  The first car that Milam and his dad rebuilt was Milam’s grandfather’s 1986 Chevy.  Rebuilding the 1986 Chevy was the beginning of Milam’s love for working on small engines.  Since learning about engine repair from his dad, Milam has worked on his own trucks and cars along with, lawn mowers, outboard motors, jet skis and go-carts.