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Drones and Deer

According to CBS Denver, there is an ongoing argument over whether or not drones should be used in deer hunting. Drones are not only being used in hunting, but also in everyday life. Amazon, in fact, announced plans to use drones to deliver its products to consumers rather than using a mailman. Apparently, hunters are using these flying devices to track their game.


This obviously is causing controversy amongst hunters and big game management. In general, people have anxiety about drones and the idea of being watched, so understandably they have concerns about drones spying on them. Drones are a fast growing technology and are being used more and more in a variety of areas including outdoor sports like hunting.

Most hunters like the idea of using drones so that they can keep an eye on their game without tracking them all day or sitting waiting for a deer to wander by. Yet some critics such as Tim Brass from Backcountry Hunters & Anglers find hunters’ drone use to be unfair because it gives hunters arguably an unfair advantage in that it is relatively simple for them to find deer without using the traditional techniques of tracking and stalking. In fact, drone usage would change the entire process of hunting because usually the point is to spend a significant time walking through the words trying to find the deer rather than using an unmanned drone to do all the work for you.

As Tim Brass points out, once you remove the effort and time it takes to actually track the deer yourself, what’s the point of hunting? Hunting is about not just achieving the kill (which the drone allows hunters to do much faster) but is more importantly about the hours spent tracking the deer through the woods. Also, critics are concerned over drone use not being an ethical way to hunt game.