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200 Days In A Kayak

Could you spend 200 days on a Kayak?

Well, two brothers, Graham and Russell Henry, did just that. According to an article posted on, the two brothers, both under the age of 25, spent nearly 7 months kayaking from Brazil to Juno Beach, Florida.

At times, the duo would spend 27 hours straight in their kayak, paddling and paddling between rest stops, the author writes.


“You’ve been in your boat for 15 hours and you’ve got another 12 hours to go,” Graham told reporters at The Province. “You just do everything in your power to not think about how much you don’t want to be paddling.”

Russell, the younger of the two brothers, was more concerned about the various tropical storms and the enormous waves the pair encountered along the way.

“You can see the storms coming,” Russell said. “It would be blue skies. Then the wind and rain comes and you’re in the middle of this massive, dark, brutal thunder storm… And our paddles are carbon fiber, so they’re conductive. We’re just hoping we don’t get hit [by lightning].”

Forget the lightning, the waves, and the long hours… What about the company? Two brothers together 24/7 for 7 months?

According to the author, Graham addressed the issue by saying, “I might have wanted to kill Russell on more than one occasion, but I couldn’t because I wouldn’t have finished the trip.”

So what drives a pair of 20 somethings to take 7 months out of their lives, just to sail through giant storms along the South American Coast, through the Caribbean, and finally into Florida?

“For the first month, I kept thinking to myself, ‘Why are we doing this?’” Graham told the Province. His answer was simple and bold: “For the hell of it.”